How to Use Social Media Like a Pro?

How to Use Social Media Like a Travel Pro?

Everybody knows that Facebook fan page, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts, do not generate direct sales.

So why the greatest companies in the world use Social Media for advertising?

Only for utilizing the money they need to spend on marketing…? Maybe.

Only for buying a lot of fans and followers to show the world how strong and powerful they are…? Maybe.

Social Media – key to success?

In my opinion, the answer to this question is hidden in”engagement“.


Because people like to be seduced and learn new things. They like to feel that others care about them, their needs and desires.

Via Social Media, you can show others that their opinion is valuable.  You need to give your fans the best, high-quality and interesting content.

Social Medias are powerful tools. If you use them correctly, you can gather an army of people who understand your point of view, who will support you and be with you, no matter what happens.

You need to ask yourself a question: what kind of people do you need and how can you attract them?

From whom you’d rather buy a product:

a) From XYZ BIG company which have a good product but don’t care about you?

b) From a friend who knows you, who share interesting things with you and who cares about you?

If you work on SM, you need to care about your followers’ engagement.

Even if you buy a few million followers that doesn’t mean anything. It’s better to have 10 devoted followers than 10,000 people who follow you but don’t care about your content.

To sum up: Every company cares about social media. Why? Because they know that people need them. Via Social Media, they are building credibility, reliability and relationship with the client. Even though SM don’t generate direct sales, they help to increase sales in the future. There are some customers who follow the company for few months before they decide to buy something from them.

They key to success is giving people the best content, to listen to them, ask them questions and truly care about what they think.

Your social media channels are very powerful tools, so be sure to use them wisely. Do not ever log in to your account when you are connected to the insecure network. If you are traveling full time or work from different places, buy a good VPN to protect your data.

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