Koh chang

Koh Chang- Elephant Island

Koh Chang

Koh Chang is a beautiful island in the north of Thailand. ‘ Chang ‘ in Thai means ‘elephant’ – and this is where I saw elephants for the first time, during our monthly stay in Asia.

The name is not because of the number of elephants on the island. It’s because this land has similar shape on map to the elephant.

This island is significantly different from the tourist islands in the south of Thailand. Koh Chang is cooler, has less palm, more deciduous trees. You could say that the nature is more European here.

However, you can still feel exotic here – see is warm, roads are extremely steep and you can see the curious monkeys just next to the road.

I stayed in a charming Saffron on the Sea bungalow . Cottages were almost in the jungle, right on the seafront . Unfortunately, the beach was rocky, so in order to swim, I had to drive a couple of miles away from the hotel.

It wasn’t a problem for me though, because I had rented a motorbike for only 200 bath per day ($6,5) .

It is on the Koh Chang Island, where I dared to rent a car for the first time . This required a lot of courage, because the terrain there is very mountainous, and I had to drive on the left side.

It was worth it! I saw places where could never drive on motorbike .

On the way, it was raining, which was pretty amazing for us (I’ve only seen blue sky during the last month) .

If you are visiting Koh Chang, you must see the waterfalls! They are beautiful, you can even swim in them. Unfortunately, entrance is paid and quite expensive – costs 200 baht ($6,5) per person.

In my opinion, it’s worth it.

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