Phone and Internet in Thailand

Phone and Internet in Thailand

Traveling around Thailand is so much easier when you always have fast 3G or 4G Internet in your smartphone!

How to get the local SIM card?

1.Get a free SIM card at the airport or just go directly to the DTAC or True Move store in any shopping mall.

2. Bring your passport!

The law in Thailand changed since the last year. You have to register you SIM card to start using it.

3. Register your card in authorized shop.

4. Charge your account.

5. Enjoy using fast Internet in your smartphone.

I had the Internet and Thai phone number during our first and second stay in Thailand.

It made my life so much easier! I could call the hotels and other tourist attractions to ask about something I needed. I could also use the GPS navigation on our smartphone . If necessary, I could even make Hot -Spot on my phones to use Internet on my laptops.

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