kos island

The Beautiful Kos Island

Kos island in a nutshell

Kos Island

Kos island is a place where father of medicine- Hipocrates was born. The Island is small, so the best way to see everything is to rent a car. It costs approximately 40 euro per day (one day is definitely enough to drive through the Island). You can rent a bike as well. It’s cheaper (5 euro per day) and of course you don’t need to buy a fuel.

Places to See

When you travel around the Kos island, you may observe everyday life of its citizens. You can see children playing on the street and old women in black clothes sitting in front of their homes and watching people passing by. You can listen middle-aged Greek discussing loudly and gesticulating energetically. You will be surprised how many goats are there on the Island and how loudly ring bells tied around their necks!

Every now and then you will see the breathtaking views- mountains, sea and a beautiful sunset is a mix that makes a big impression.

Sometimes the mountains are so steep that it’s scary to look down. But it is worth to dare and take a trip around the island. An unforgettable experience!

Thermal Hot Springs

At the end of the island (on the opposite side of the airport, near Psalidi) are thermal springs. Unfortunately I was there during the storm and I couldn’t see the charm of this place. As I’ve heard from other tourists, this place is truly magical. Hot water flows from the rocks directly into the creek in the sea. Despite the storm, there were plenty of people there, so surely Thermas are worth seeing!

Kos island Old Town

The beautiful old town. The place that is definitely worth seeing is a plane tree under which Hippocrates supposedly taught. The other place is a market, full of cafes, shops and narrow streets.

The First Hospital in The World

The ruins of the world’s first hospital is one of the biggest attractions of Kos island.

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